The Mission

Culture of Our Home

Shuang Hor combines the culture of "home" with its five core beliefs. Business partners of Shuang Hor not only help and support one another, but also lead happy, respectful, and carefree lives, while experiencing Shuang Hor’s business value derived from the five core beliefs. As our business is inherited from one generation to another, successful cases that have accumulated over time repeatedly verify the substance of the culture of our home. Until now, Shuang Hor is widely known for having a home-oriented culture, which has generated positive outcomes in various parts of the world, helping countless families lead happy lives.

Five Core Beliefs

The Five Core Beliefs that Shuang Hor promotes are the key fundamentals of life. We believe that the Five Core Beliefs, "Offering Health, Offering Faith, Offering Hope, Offering Success and Offering Happiness.", when applied in people’s giving and taking activities will give them perfectly enriching lives!

Offering Health

Shuang Hor insists on operating businesses with integrity and honesty, and disseminates this principle among all Shuang Horeans as the code of conduct.

Our special home-oriented culture fills all Shuang Horeans with compassion and love, bringing warmth not only to themselves but also to others. Shuang Hor has also created a pure and benevolent business environment that boosts the personality of all Shuang Horeans.

This is a strength that our peers in the industry do not possess. We are also health-oriented, developing numerous high-quality products that enable Shuang Horeans to improve their own health while promoting the health of others.

Simply by being a Shuang Horean, our partners can strike a balance in their physical, mental, and perceptual developments and therefore become truly healthy, confident people.

Offering Faith

Shuang Hor emphasises the importance of self-affirmation and respect for others. In interpersonal interactions that take place during Shuang Hor's business activities, everyone can therefore perceive the value of their life and their noble self-esteem.

Because of the home-oriented culture, all Shuang Horeans do not feel alone and isolated; they encourage and support one another because everyone belongs to one happy family. More importantly, Shuang Hor is filled with the vitality of life, encouraging and boosting the energy and confidence of all Shuang Horeans.

With countless opportunities for success and learning here at Shuang Hor, all Shuang Horeans can continuously improve their abilities, which in turn boost their confidence to pursue their dream and bestow upon themselves endless hope.

Offering Hope

We know that hope is the source of life. You can lead a productive, meaningful life only with hope; and hope comes from the setting of goals. Just like a huge stove that burns every piece of charcoal to its fullest extent,

Shuang Hor business charges its partners with passion and hope to the fullest extent, makes their lives or career goals apparent and profound, and motivates them to pursue their dreams and work toward their goals.

Shuang Hor is not only a business with long-term plans, but also a sizable business that is able to sustain for centuries. In other words, Shuang Hor walks every step of its way with honesty and sincerity, building its business with intelligence and courage.

Here, everyone sees their future and possesses the hope to strive toward success because Shuang Hor is a company filled with countless success opportunities.

Offering Success

Shuang Hor understands that everyone hopes to perform and contribute to the society during their lifetimes to create value in their lives. We affirm our values by achieving "success," and "success” may refer to all aspects of our life, such as the things we do and the ways we treat others.

As long as you are satisfied with yourself, and at the same time others praise you with sincerity - that is a moment of “success”. We therefore encourage everyone at Shuang Hor to never give up on their ideals, because only with ideals can they improve themselves further.

Because Shuang Hor has created a positive working environment, Shuang Horeans can easily improve themselves and build their success on every improvement they make.

As long as they aspire to be goal-oriented and persistent, all Shuang Horeans can easily embrace success in being a person or in managing their career at Shuang Hor because Shuang Hor is the best model example of success.

Offering Happiness

Shuang Hor is a group-oriented business that attaches a high level of importance to interpersonal interactions and harmony. Shuang Horeans therefore lead their lives and manage their careers with sincerity, honesty, and happiness to make themselves happy and to make others happy as well.

We know that everyone inevitably experiences frustration and obstacles when working toward their life or career goals. Without the help of others, their courage and determination diminish, impeding them from moving forward.

Shuang Horeans therefore adopt “speak good things and do good deeds” as their rule-of-thumb of treating people and acting towards all the things around them to make themselves happy and to make others just as happy as they are. With this, everyone can successfully achieve their goals in life and in their careers.


The five core beliefs of Shuang Hor are the spirit and goals of corporate sustainability. They are not only the values of Shuang Hor's business, but also highlight the special corporate culture and styles of Shuang Hor. By implementing these five core beliefs, everyone can creates for themselves a perfect, living paradise.

Because of their commitment to these five core beliefs, Shuang Horean can help themselves and others to achieve health, to restore faith, to find hope, to acquire success, and to enjoy happiness.

This is the magnanimous value that Shuang Hor has created, and also a precious aspect of Shuang Hor that other companies cannot compete against. It can be seen that Shuang Hor offers a positive environment that magnifies the positive side of humanity, thus making it a dignified, respectful business.

We welcome you as a new Shuang Horean. While journeying alongside with us, you will realise that working at Shuang Hor will be the most meaningful and brightest time of your life.