Bio-Technology R & D Institute

About the R & D Institute

All top-grade products produced by Shuang Hor Group are invariably subject to the most stringent research, development, and inspection stages at Bio-Technology R & D Institute to ascertain trustworthy quality before they reach to the consumers. The founding objectives of the Institute are:-

  1. To ensure the efficacy and quality of the effective constituents;
  2. To facilitate experimental cultivation of new Lingzhi species; and
  3. To achieve constant perfection of product quality through relentless R & D initiatives.

Bio-Technology R & D Institute, which is located in Yung Kien Factory of Shuang Hor Group, is the home to a good number of topnotch experts of high-tech biochemical health food products supported by the most advanced instruments and facilities. It also works closely with Microbiological Research Foundation of Taiwan as well as a long list of academic institutions including Taiwan National University, Taipei Medical University, Chung Shan Medical University, Providence University, National Taiwan Normal University, National Chung Hsing University, Food Industry Research & Development Institute, and National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine. With its vast resources and rich information base, there is no wonder that Bio-Technology R & D Institute is said to be the cream of the crop in the domain of research and development. Its functional components include Lingzhi Spawn Cultivation Room, Quality Inspection Room, and R & D Room, making it a fully equipped entity shouldered with the time-honored mission of producing Lingzhi of supreme efficacy.

Lingzhi Spawn Cultivation Room

Where miracles happen
Lingzhi Spawn Cultivation Room works with Experimental Farm in the research of various Lingzhi species to produce top-grade spawns for large scale cultivation in the Lingzhi Farms, ensuring continual supply of raw Lingzhi for all production purposes in Yung Kien Factory. The facilities in Lingzhi Spawns Cultivation Room include Spawn Inoculation Clean Room, Optical Microscopes, Dissection Microscopes, a liquid gas storage tank for spawn preservation, equipment for producing sawdust medium packaging bags (performs all steps from sawdust mixing to filling), a high-pressure sterilizer vessel for spawn bottles and packaging bags, a cooling room, a mycelia running room, and an experimental farm. This is where the growth conditions and compositional differentiation of 50 to 60 species of Lingzhi are being exhaustively studied by a dedicated team of professionals.

Quality Inspection Room

Consumers' toll-gate for quality control
All products of Shuang Hor are subject to inspection by the professional team using precision instruments to meet the highest quality benchmark in terms of safety, hygienic concerns, and efficacy of the effective constituents.

The precisions instruments and various advanced devices currently available include Auto Absorption Spectrophotometer, apparatus for High-Performance Liquid Chromatography, Photo-Diode Array Detector, Fourier-Transform Infrared (FT-IR) Spectrophotometer, apparatus for Gas Chromatography (GC), Dietary Fiber Tester, and Nano-particle Detector, etc.

R & D Room

The lifeblood of sustainable growth
The high-power team of professionals specializing in biochemistry and health food research works devote themselves to the constant improvement of product quality as well as the research and development of new products to pave the way for sustainable corporate advancement.

Here you will find an extensive array of setups specially dedicated to the production and experimentation of Lingzhi products. These include equipments for extraction, vacuum concentration, granule production equipment, vacuum freezing, liquid culture, vacuum drying, high-speed grinding equipment, and Nano-particle Detector. Through the unsparing efforts of the in-house health food and biochemistry experts who commit themselves in relentless research programs and qualitative upgrades with respect to Lingzhi extraction and concentration, and by adopting a modern approach in marketing and hi-tech production of Lingzhi and various Lingzhi products featuring rich historical background of ancient China and exceptional health-giving benefits, Shuang Hor Group has won for itself several coveted health food accreditations from the Ministry of Health of Taiwan, turning it into a force to be reckoned with both in Taiwan and the international markets.