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Notice Announcement Date:【2024/2/16】

February Monthly Closing for Calculation of PV and Bonuses.

Notice Announcement Date:【2024/2/23】

Distributors can download the Annual income statement for year 2023 from Shuang Hor official website.

Notice Announcement Date:【2024/2/21】

e-Invoice Implementation in Malaysia - Requisition for Tax Identification Number (TIN)

Notice Announcement Date:【2024/2/25】

March 2024 Off Days.

Notice Announcement Date:【2024/1/25】

February 2024 Off Days.

Notice Announcement Date:【2024/1/4】

East Malaysia Delivery Fee Adjustment Notice.

Coming Event Announcement Date:【2024/1/1】

2025 Shuang Hor Outstanding Vice Manager Overseas Seminar—Shanghai, Hangzhou.

Coming Event Announcement Date:【2023/3/1】

Shuang Hor Outstanding Vice Manager Overseas Seminar 2024 - Dubai.

Notice Announcement Date:【2022/3/1】

Shuang Hor Enterprise (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd New Customer Service Line effective today +603-2389 2973.

Going Green - Join us in environmental protection and energy saving

Reducing the paper usage is one of the key initiatives to make a difference to this world. We encourage distributors to download the e-statement online instead of receiving it by post from us. You'll be enjoying efficient and timely information by this paperless method. Statements available online include:
  • Bonus Statement
  • Annual Income
  • Diamond Car Payment
Log on Shuang Hor Online Store to find out more on how you can be a part of this meaningful practice.

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