The Homeland of Lingzhi - Lingzhi Biotechnology Park

Address: No.35-1, Mu-Chi Liao, Fu-Shan Li, Pai-Ho District, Tainan, Taiwan.

About Us

This is the Lingzhi cultivation farm specially designed and built by Shuang Hor Group to cultivate top-grade quality Lingzhi in 1994. Built within the vast area occupied by the Lingzhi Biotechnology Park is an administration building with a built-up area of 48,000 square metres. With its hot and humid weather plus ample sunlight, the climate in Paiho Town, where the Lingzhi Biotechnology Park is located, is very suitable for the cultivation of Lingzhi.

Technological Lingzhi Greenhouse Farm

In response to the worsening global warming and in line with its pursuit of quality uniformity for its raw Lingzhi and higher yield to reach beyond new frontiers of the Lingzhi industry, Shuang Hor Group has built 2 Lingzhi technology greenhouse farms at Pai Ho of southern Taiwan. The largest and most professional in the world, these greenhouse farms are dedicated to the research and development of unique Lingzhi spawns and strive to bring Lingzhi bio-technology to a greater scope of advancement through state-of-the-art artificial cultivation techniques.

The 5-star Technological Lingzhi Greenhouse Farm puts in place optimal growth environments tailored made to suit the characteristics of the Lingzhi species. The entire operation of the greenhouse is monitored by a fully computerized system, complete with both internal and external meteorological stations to monitor the climatic parameters throughout the year and protect the greenhouse against interference of external temperature and humidity, thereby ensuring stable internal environments conducive to stable growth of Lingzhi. Due to these capabilities to set and fine tune differentiated growth factors that cater to the varying needs of different species of Lingzhi, the greenhouse farm has been able to produce Lingzhi species of supreme quality. More so, as the cultivation of Lingzhi is made possible across all seasons while natural disasters and contamination of an external source are effectively prevented, the resultant consistency in the supply of raw Lingzhi and high yield ensure that market demand is met from time to time.