• Features physical ultramicron ingredients that are safe and mild, hence will never harm your delicate skin.
  • Filters away both UVA and UVB to give a more complete protection.
  • Enhanced with Canadian Willowherb and Laminaria Ochroleuca Extract for their remarkable anti-allergy capability and multiprotection benefits, thus contributes to repairing damaged DNA.
  • Exhibits long-lasting effects that do not lose their intended capability as a result of perspiration.
  • Characterized by a silky smooth texture and hence does not give a sense of greasiness upon application.

Apply evenly to face & body. Use daily.

Doing Away With the Root-cause of Skin Ageing

The prime culprit behind the onset of skin ageing, UV rays also inflict a certain degree of damage to the dermal cells and their DNA. As such, in order to keep youthful skin, the most important thing you need do is to apply a sun block. Irrespective of indoor or outdoor, during a sunny day or a cloudy one, and whether you have put on makeup, it is essential that you apply a sun block as a viable protective measure.

The damaging effects of UVB and UVA

UVB, with wavelengths ranging from 280 to 320mm: Causes skin redness and sunburn, which will over time lead to premature ageing and even carcinoma of the skin.

UVA, with wavelengths ranging from 320 to 400mm:Does far greater harms than UVB, as it turns on a chain reaction of the free radicals that destroys collagens and elastic fibres of the skin, and hence speeds up the ageing process, in addition to indirectly tearing down the DNA, resulting in permanent skin damage. It is worth pointing out that some of the sun block products available in the market are unable to offer protection against UVA.