• Adopts a technologically advanced composite mix of plant-base emulsification ingredients, which enable smoother application, while its soft and exquisite texture efficiently removes all traces in a gentle and refreshing way, without causing a feeling of greasiness after use.
  • Enhanced with a special emulsifier derived from olive oil, which does not cause agitation while exhibiting both cleansing and protection functions.
  • Canadian Willowherb is added for its amazing capability in subduing skin allergies.
  • Can be easily rinsed off with clean water to reveal a totally refreshed skin.

Apply and massage over moistened face. Rinse thoroughly.

Makeup Remover—The 1st Step in Facial Cleansing

As our facial skin is exposed to the external environment all the time, it constantly gets in touch with the air-borne particles in addition to being contaminated by our own perspiration and sebum. Worse yet, the application of foundation and sun block products also constitutes a form of impurity that cannot be thoroughly removed through the use of a normal facial cleanser.If these impurities are left to stay, they will over time cause blockage to the pores, bringing about scores of skin problems, such as functional abnormality in the metabolism of the sebaceous secretion, pigmentation, enlarged pores, pimples, and blackheads. It can thus be seen that makeup removal should never be neglected as the very first step in facial cleansing.