Constituent: Amino Acid, Glyceryl Cocoate, 8 types of Amino Acids and Natural Moisture-retention Agent.


  • Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate: A mild-action and irritant-free composition that efficiently gets rid of all facial impurities and oil without causing a sense of tightness, dehydration, or irritation to the eyes.
  • Glyceryl Cocoate: An emollient capable of minimizing skin irritation to leave the skin refreshingly-clean and tenderly-soft without causing a sense of tightness or dehydration after use.
  • 8 types of Amino Acids: Powerful in skin affinity and mild in action, enabling a perfect balance within the skin’s tissues to meet the moisturizing needs.
  • Natural Moisture-retention Agent: Capable of softening and protecting the natural sebaceous membrane of the skin during cleansing to replenish skin moisture and relieve dehydrated skin and other discomforts.

Lather well in wet palms, then massage gently over face and neck. Rinse off. Use day and night.

What is meant by Amino Acid-base Surfactant?

Amino acid-base surfactant is considered by those in the know of the latest beauty care technologies as exhibiting a pH value hitherto known be the closest to that of the human skin. The enzymes in our outer skin, or the epidermis, thrive best in a weakly acid condition, as this enables normal metabolism of the horny layer, inflicts negligible excitation to the keratin protein of the skin, and hence will not cause any concern of dermal allergy.

Of all the amino acid cleansers sold in the market today, we can identify them with two possibilities. The first are products incorporated with amino acids but the major cleansing component in the composition is either a soap or negative ion surfactant to enable more powerful (which means potentially harmful) cleansing ability. In the case of the second category, the major cleansing component used is the amino acid-base surfactant, making them bona fide amino acid cleansers as characterized by their mild cleansing actions. An amino acid-base surfactant is mainly formulated using amino acids enriched with plant source fatty acids.

The amino acid-base surfactant used should also feature a high concentration. If an amino acid cleanser combines the use of an amino acid-base surfactant of exceedingly concentration with another surfactant that can potentially cause excitation or irritation, it will fail to fulfil the beneficial appeal of mildness.

As such, mild actions are the biggest advantage of an amino acid-base surfactant, which does not excite the skin while providing excellent cleansing efficiency and yet keeping the natural protective film of the skin intact.

The Exceptional Attributes of AquaSense Amino Acid Cleanser:

  1. High-purity amino acid-base surfactant: Greatly reduces the possibility of agitation and allergic reactions associated with the use of chemical additives.
  2. Efficient cleansing actions: Uncompromising in purity, a cream of relatively hard texture to deliver maximized cleansing benefits with a minimal amount.
  3. Luxurious and fine lather: Readily melts in water to work out luxurious and fine lather capable of reaching deep into the pores to carry away impurities and oil while refining the pores.
  4. Remarkable moisture-retention ability: characteristics as collagen, they exhibit a powerful affinity for water and hence are able to readily combine with water molecules, giving remarkable moisture-retention results. When skin cells become adequately laden with moisture, they are less likely to produce excessive sebaceous secretion, thus discouraging the formation of oily patches on the skin.