The Mission

Business Value

Shuang Hor fuses the notion of "family" culture together with the 5 Core Aspects of Beliefs to build the underlying foundation of a perpetual business and cultivates a unique business environment that belongs exclusively to Shuang Hor. It also transforms Shuang Hor into an interactive entity of mutual caring that enables each and every Shuang Horean to be exposed to the business values nurtured by the 5 Core Aspects of Beliefs. By standing firm on these Beliefs, Shuang Horeans are able to help both themselves and others by Offering Health, Offering Faith, Offering Hope, Offering Success, and Offering Happiness. These are the profound values created by Shuang Hor Business, and the exact feature that differentiates Shuang Hor from other ordinary businesses.

Five Core Beliefs

The Five Core Beliefs of Shuang Hor underpin the spirit and objective of sustainable growth. They not only constitute the core values of Shuang Hor Business but also mould the corporate culture and characters unique only to its own. By walking the talk of the Five Core Beliefs, we are all set to reach for a truly fulfilling life.

Offering Health

Shuang Hor has put in place a comprehensive range of top quality products to enable fellow Shuang Horeans not only improve their own health but also help others regain wellness. As a Shuang Horean, you get to attain a holistic balance of the mind and body and equip yourself with the right mindset and attitude in acquiring optimal health with growing confidence.

Offering Faith

Shuang Hor Business with its vibrant life-force helps impart fellow Shuang Horeans with greater faith in themselves to rediscover and unleash their true potential. Given the ample opportunities for lifelong learning and scaling the pinnacles of success, it empowers you with the self-assurance to make your dreams come true and brings hopes of limitless abundance.

Offering Hope

Shuang Hor is a guided path for long-term development with more than two decades of proven track records for operation in perpetuity. It is where you can build your own business in down-to-earth steps as you progress along with shared wisdom and courage. It is where you not only see a better tomorrow but also envisage a brighter future. It is where each and every one of us harnesses the hope of embracing self-actualization in an environment the nurtures success.

Offering Success

The positive and uplifting macro environment of Shuang Hor allows you to grow at your own pace and climb the ladder of success in steady strides. With lofty ideals and unwavering resolve, you stand to soar ever greater heights in personal development and business growth, as Shuang Hor has set for you the ultimate benchmark for reaching beyond the horizons.

Offering Happiness

Our high-flyers in Shuang Hor are the committed lot who live life to the fullest as they build their own business in earnestness and with devotion, bringing happiness to themselves as they inspire and touch the lives of people around them.