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Coming Event Announcement Date:【2018/5/26】

Shuang Hor Malaysia Products Price Adjustment Notice - 0% GST

Coming Event Announcement Date:【2018/3/12】

Latest News for April 2018

Coming Event Announcement Date:【2018/3/29】

Startup Wonderful Life with Coffee! 111 Café Business Plan, and make your life different!

Coming Event Announcement Date:【2018/5/7】

Shuang Hor Product Training 2018 (24th June, 2018 - Kuala Lumpur)

Shuang Hor Product Training Registration Form 2018 "  Shuang Hor Product Training Registration Form 2018" can be obtained at Shuang Hor Malaysia-Singapore office / DCs from 7th. June, 2018 onwards, or can be downloaded via Shuang Hor website.

Coming Event Announcement Date:【2018/5/7】

Product Roadshow Seminar (June, 2018 - Malaysia & Singapore)

Notice Announcement Date:【2017/12/28】

PT Shuang Hor Indonesia & its Distribution Centres Business Hours Adjustment Notice

Please be informed that with effect from 2nd of January 2018, the business hours for PT Shuang Hor Indonesia and its distribution centres (including Jakarta, Medan, Batam Island, and Pelembang) shall be adjusted with details as stated below:

Mondays to Fridays: 8.30am-5.00pm

Saturdays & Sundays: Closed

*The business hours at various Service Centres shall remain unchanged.

Your understanding & support on the above are highly appreciated.
Notice Announcement Date:【2017/12/6】

Closure of Surabaya Distribution Center Starts from Monday, 18th. December, 2017 onwards.

Kindly be informed that Surabaya Distribution Center shall be closed down from Monday, 18 December 2017 onwards. After the closing, distributors may put their order by using the following methods:

1. Online purchase at www.shuanghor.co.id, and/or

2. Bank transfer to BCA a/c 8770 178 798, holder: PT. Shuang Hor Indonesia; and the products shall be sent to distributor. Please call to 021-6586 5678 after transfer is completed.
Notice Announcement Date:【2018/1/2】

Meeting Schedule

Meeting schedule will only be announced via Shuang Hor website and it won't be published through the magazines anymore.

Going Green - Join us in environmental protection and energy saving

Reducing the paper usage is one of the key initiatives to make a difference to this world. We encourage distributors to download the e-statement online instead of receiving it by post from us. You'll be enjoying efficient and timely information by this paperless method. Statements available online include:
  • Overseas Seminar PV
  • Sponsor Chart
  • Bonus Statement
  • Annual Income
  • Distributor Benefit
Log on Shuang Hor Online Store to find out more on how you can be a part of this meaningful practice.

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