Constituent: Chamomile and Licorice Extracts, Natural Moisture-retention Factor, Special formulation design and Pleasant scent.


  • Chamomile and Licorice Extracts: Provide soothing benefits to counter skin allergy, dryness, irritation, and various forms of discomfort.
  • Natural Moisture-retention Factor: As the human body will lose moisture through the skin during showering, the introduction of a natural moisture-retention factor resembling that of the skin will help reinforce the latter’s ability to maintain a good moisture balance, ensuring that the skin remains supple and keeps dryness at bay.
  • Special formulation design: Ease of rinsing and does not leave a soapy feeling.
  • Pleasant scent: A meticulously incorporated scent to give a truly pleasing experience.

    Suitable for all types of skin.
    Lather well in wet sponge, washcloth or palms. Apply and rinse thoroughly.