Formulation: Lipase Enzyme, Protease Enzyme, Glucoside Cleaning Agent, and Non-lonic Cleaning Agent.

Attributes of the product:

  • An enzyme formulation that is highly biodegradable. Capable of thoroughly breaking down the oily film on the tableware and kitchen as well as the flooring.
  • It features low suds and no residual traces, leaving the surfaces squeaky clean after washing;
  • Highly concentrated formulation that needs only a small amount to generate economical cleaning results;
  • It is free from any harmful solvents and hence does not harm your hands, the utensils, or the surfaces of any material, making it safe and environmental friendly;
  • The sponge, rag, and washing basin do not become oily and can be rinsed clean with ease after use.
  • As the breaking down is effected by enzymatic actions, it helps dislodge the oily stains that have built up in the draining pipes to reduce problems associated with blockage, keeping your kitchen and household environment clean and hygienic at all times.
  1. For general cleaning purposes: Dilute 1 part with 10 parts of water.
  2. To clean hobs, hoods or remove stubborn stains: Dilute 1 part with 3 parts of water.
  3. To mop the floor: Dilute 1 capful in 10-20L of water.

The highly versatile GoEco Bio Enzyme All-Purpose Cleaner is suitable for use on all washable surfaces:

  1. In the kitchen (tableware, cookware, worktop, and the hobs and hoods.)
  2. Clothing (the collar and sleeves).
  3. Balcony and moping the floor.
  4. Bathroom and toilet.
  5. Sofa cover and other furniture.
  6. Window frame and glazing.
  7. Home appliances.
  8. Car body.
  9. Jewellery and accessories.
  10. Office equipments.
  1. As GoEco products are bio enzyme formulations, the use of hot water is discouraged to avoid disrupting the enzymatic activities.
  2. Store in a cool, dry place and avoid exposure to sunlight. Keep out of reach of children to avoid accidental swallowing.