Major constituent: Ganoderma Fruit Body Extract


  • Formulated using Yung Kien Number 1 (YK-01), a Lingzhi spawn of supreme quality developed by Shuang Hor Group, Yung Kien Ganoderma is rich in triterpenoids, macro molecular polysaccharides, Ganoderma nucleotides and LZ-8 proteins.
  • With its unique blend of effective constituents, it helps fortify the immune defence, speed up metabolic rates, consolidate the physical constitutions and enhance metabolic functions of the liver, hence contributing to preserving optimal health through its long-term consumption.
  • It has conformed to the most stringent inspections of Health Ministry of Taiwan and has been awarded the first ever immuno-modulation and liver protection health-food accreditation.

The Health Food Accreditation Certificate #A00003 for Yung Kien Ganoderma, with validity from 24th July 2010 to 24th July 2020, covers a full description for the following health maintenance efficacies:

(A) Based on the results of experiments carried out on animals and in vitro (outside the body) tests with functions as shown below:

1. Helps promote the production of antibodies.
2. Helps enhance the production of immune cells.
3. Helps modulate the functions of T cells.
4. Helps promote the vitality of natural killer cells.
5. Helps promote the vitality of phagocytes.

(B) Based on the results of animals tests, in which carbon tetrachloride was used to inflict damage on mouse liver with functions as shown below:

1. Helps reduce the indices of GOT and GPT.
2. Helps increase the protein content in the liver.