Vice Manager Overseas Seminar 2017 - ZhangJiaJie

2017 Shuang Hor Outstanding Vice Manager Overseas Seminar – Zhangjiajie, China

Walking Down The Memory Lane:

Set Foot in Zhangjiajie to Explore The Visional Heaven on Earth

Zhangjiajie, a land filled with the aura of the immortals and their legendary exploits. On 20th and 21st of March 2017, two separate contingents of Shuang Horeans from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Myanmar left for Zhangjiajie where they congregated to embark on an expedition to explore the visional heaven on earth.
In this trip, fellow Shuang Horeans visited Baofeng Lake that surrounds itslef with graceful mountains, the mystical Real Pandora standing majestically at Yuanjiajie, Tian Men Mountain renowned as being “the Symbol and Soul of Zhangjiajie”, and Tianzi Mountain “where one would lose interest in other mountains under the sky upon return”. Apart from appreciating the scenic beauties and roaming the picturesque tourist spots, fellow Shuang Horeans were also treated with mouthwatering dishes and local delights, in addition to having the closest of encounters with the authentic traditions and unique customs of the Tujia tribe!